Growth Through Transformation

Client Opportunity

Our Client enlisted Michael Best’s services to assess the opportunities of engaging payers a potential client base.


We collaborated closely with the organization to conduct a national competitive analysis, identifying areas where their solution excelled in the market and areas where additional resources could be deployed. Weekly meetings were held to refine marketing and sales materials, strategize high-level sales presentations, practice sales demonstrations, and create a market-leading sales strategy and proposal for the company’s first payer client. Michael Best also facilitated multiple discussions with the payer system, culminating in a sales pitch to the payer system’s Chief Executive Officer.


As a result of these actions, the organization was chosen as the market-leading vendor, granting them access to over four million Medicare Advantage members. Leveraging the client’s well-crafted, clinically supported product and Michael Best’s extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and connections at the C-suite level nationwide, the company transformed from a provider-focused oncology solutions leader to launching a new division with a payer focus. Shifting from a strong presence in the provider-focused space to entering the payer system with one of the largest US carriers. This transformation provided an opportunity to enhance care for millions of individuals.

Our collaborative model, connects innovators, payers, and providers to drive meaningful value.